A cup of coffee with Ray Akira

Long time customers will know that Ray is a keen coffee enthusiast and that he will happily brew you a cup if you drop by for a consultation. Whether you want to spec out a new Shue Guitar or if your instrument needs a visit to The Guitar Hospital, Ray is the man to see.

With decades of experience in the repair business with The Guitar Hospital and a colourful history of international session work under his belt, Ray has a keen eye for detail and an ear to match. He will be happy to guide you in your choices toward an ultimate axe or to nurse your guitar back to full health.

If you're in for either, drop in and say hi! Please make a booking so we know when to expect you :). As you can imagine, the showroom/ factory floor can get quite busy, with many aspects needing Ray's immediate attention and so to avoid any disappointment, we highly encourage booking a slot so we can give you our fullest attention :)

Thank you all for supporting Shue Guitars & Ray Akira