About Us

Shue Guitars: Crafting Excellence in Every String

Established in 2018 by visionary craftsman Ray Akira, Shue Guitars emerged in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as a premier boutique guitar manufacturing entity. What sets Shue Guitars apart is not just the exceptional quality of sustainably sourced tropical woods used but also the unparalleled craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each guitar. Every instrument that leaves Ray's workshop is a testament to the profound expertise, dedication, and innovative research and development that Ray and his team have poured into their craft.

Before the inception of Shue Guitars, Ray Akira and his team laid their foundational expertise through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) production for notable brands such as Tartarus Guitars between 2013 and 2016, and for the distinguished Italian "M" brand boutique basses from 2013 to 2019. This period of collaboration and creation set the stage for a significant evolution. In 2018, Ray Akira transitioned his focus, bringing forward Shue Guitars into the limelight with original designs and unique concepts that reflect a new era in guitar manufacturing.

A cornerstone of Shue Guitars' innovation is Ray's development of the "Ray C Handwound Pickups". With a deep understanding of the nuances in pickup technology, Ray has revolutionized the market by addressing and rectifying the design flaws found in pickups ranging from vintage models to contemporary designs. The result is a collection of pickups that deliver unparalleled tonal clarity and resonance, enhancing the musical experience for recording artists, music producers, guitar sessionists, and live performers alike. Ray's meticulous selection of materials for these pickups—custom-ordered copper wires, frames, and specially chosen magnets—underscores a relentless pursuit of precision and quality.

What truly distinguishes Shue Guitars in the competitive landscape is its comprehensive in-house production capabilities. This autonomy in creation allows for a seamless blend of Ray and his team's rich experience, cutting-edge precision manufacturing with computer-aided CNC machines, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The result is a lineup of guitars that not only embody the highest standards of quality and sonic performance but also resonate deeply with musicians who seek nothing but the best.

In essence, Shue Guitars stands as a beacon of craftsmanship, innovation, and musical excellence. It is a brand that not only manufactures instruments but also enriches the musical journey of those who choose to embark upon it with a Shue Guitar in their hands.

About Ray

Behind every great guitar brand is one mans vision. Our man is Ray and he's as cool as they come. A musician himself, Ray cut his teeth playing on cruise ships and venues around the world - something we all wish we could do, and has been a constant part of the Malaysian music scene for over a decade.

Along his travels, he realised quickly that good guitar support can be tough to find and that he would do well to educate himself in the art. This began a near lifelong quest for Ray, one that has led him to the furthest corners of the earth, the darkest of its depths and the highest of it skies. Years later and upon his return, Ray setup his humble venture, The Guitar Hospital.

Widely regarded as a master of his craft, Ray and TGH have provided Malaysians & many customers abroad with a reliable, affordable and guaranteed repairs, services & coffee. Really, if you know us, you know we love our coffee!

Having offered these services for over a decade and with thousands of guitars going through his (and our) hands, Ray then begun offering OEM manufacturing to a popular brand of boutique basses as well as offering custom built guitars. It quickly became apparent that we enjoyed the production side of this business and begun planning for Shue Guitars, our dedicated line of Custom & Series production guitars.

We launched Shue Guitars to the Malaysian market first and partnered with several of the countrys top musicians before opening up to the global market. Ray worked hard to source the quantity, quality & variety of lumber needed and has amassed a nice library of choice cuts.

As of today, our guitars have been on stage and in the hands of some very talented players, alongside top Mando, Canto, Hong Kong & Malaysian artists. Ray & his family continue to run the storefront and production line and are working hard on bringing new releases to our offerings.