Jamie Wilson

Sessionist, Composer & Producer

Jamie Wilson's musical odyssey has been a remarkable tapestry woven with classical finesse, bluesy rhythms, and international collaborations. Born in Australia, his journey began with classical guitar training, leading him to make his debut at the iconic Sydney Opera House at the age of 16. By 18, he had clinched the title of 'Australia's Best Young Guitarist' at the MTV Australian National Guitar Challenge, marking the commencement of a stellar career.

Venturing across the Pacific, Jamie found himself at the esteemed G.I.T. Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, where he not only honed his skills but shared the stage with music legends like Joe Walsh, Jeff Baxter, Tim Bogart, and Clarence Clemens. Returning to Australia, he joined forces with rock legend Jimmy Barnes, setting the stage for tours and collaborations with luminaries such as Tommy Emmanuel, Ian Moss, and Richard Clapton.

Embracing the blues as his focal point, Jamie's solo career gained momentum, culminating in a two-year stint in London. His European escapade saw him performing at iconic venues like Wembley Arena, The Royal Albert Hall, and Ronnie Scott's club.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn as Jamie makes Malaysia his home, evolving into one of the region's premier session guitarists. His versatility shines as he collaborates with symphony orchestras in Shanghai and Hong Kong, tours extensively in Asia, and shares the stage with stars like Jacky Cheung, A-Mei, and David Tao.

Co-founding the fusion ensemble Prana, Jamie explored the synergy between eastern and western musical traditions, earning accolades for their innovative melodies. His involvement with 'Inner Space Performing Arts' and the award-winning production 'Inside Out' showcased his ability to navigate diverse genres.

International platforms beckoned Jamie, from performing at the Gala dinner for the International Monetary Fund in Singapore to accompanying Malaysian singers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His dynamic role as lead guitarist for Siti Nurhaliza's London concert at The Royal Albert Hall underscored his contribution to Malaysia's cutting-edge music scene.

The narrative crescendos with Jamie's foray into composition, producing the signature tune for the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sport advertising campaign. Titled 'Satu Suara,' the composition featured top Malaysian artists, showcasing Jamie's versatility.

In the present day, Jamie Wilson continues to make waves as the producer, composer, and guitarist with AkashA. Beyond his musical endeavors, he has embraced a new role as the Ambassador of Shue Guitar, an honor bestowed upon him in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the world of music.

As the Ambassador of Shue Guitar, Jamie Wilson stands at the intersection of artistry and craftsmanship, symbolizing the harmonious blend of his musical journey and Shue Guitar's commitment to excellence. This new chapter in his career promises to be a melodic symphony, resonating with the passion and dedication that define Jamie Wilson's enduring legacy in the world of music.