Jonathan Koh

Producer, Sessionist & Youtuber

Jonathan Koh's musical journey unfolds as a vibrant tapestry, weaving through diverse experiences, genres, and spiritual dimensions. Beginning his professional music career at 24 after serving in the Singapore Army and working as a water/sewage pump Sales executive, Jonathan immersed himself in the Singapore night scene, honing his craft and discovering his distinctive playing style.

After eight years of captivating audiences in various clubs and recording sessions, Jonathan transitioned into a recording engineer, marking a significant turn in his career. His journey led him to Midi-Citi Recording studio in 1989, where he became an integral part of the music scene, collaborating with Taiwanese and local luminaries such as Sky Wu Su Rei, Eric Moo, and Dick Lee. Serving as a guitarist, backup vocal sessionist, and recording engineer, he produced Eric Moo's million-selling album "太傻" and contributed significantly to numerous projects with artists like AMei, Jeff Chang, and Dick Lee.

Post-Midi-Citi in 1992, Jonathan delved deeper into concerts, producing, songwriting, and guitar sessions. Notably, he penned the hit song "解脫" (She’s Gone) for Taiwanese sensation AMei [張惠妹], marking a pivotal moment in his career. His musical influence extended to tours and recordings with a myriad of artists, including Sally Yeh, George Lam, Jacky Cheung, and Stephanie Sun.

In addition to his roles in the music industry, Jonathan's journey took a spiritual turn. Today, he serves as an ambassador for Shue Guitar, embodying the seamless integration of passion, skill, and a commitment to musical excellence with the Jon Koh Signature Guitar.

Beyond stages and studios, Jonathan runs his own YouTube channel, "JonIsTooLoud," a virtual haven for music enthusiasts. With over 60,000 subscribers as of December 2023, his channel has become a vibrant community where Jonathan shares his musical insights, performances, and collaborations, creating a digital space that resonates with fans worldwide.

Utilizing his musical gifts to preach the Gospel of Christ and mentoring worship teams internationally, Jonathan Koh continues to make an indelible mark. As a Shue Guitar Ambassador and YouTube maestro, he not only represents the brand but also reaches global audiences, inspiring and connecting with music lovers across the digital landscape.