Singer & Musician

Early Life:
Daninas Huza Bin Daud, better known as Oja, is a Malaysian singer who gained popularity in the 1990s during his teenage years. Known for rhythmic ballads like "Dasira" and "Maafkanku Ibu," Oja later transitioned into a career as a nightclub musician and a sought-after performer for various events. Born into an artistic family, his mother, Nas Atea, was a singer in the 1980s, and Oja's musical roots run deep.

Musical Beginnings:
Growing up surrounded by music, Oja began his musical journey learning the guitar from his uncle, Khairool Idlan, a singer from the '80s. Serious about music from the age of 17, he started working as a musician at 18. Oja's diverse career includes participating in the reality show Gegar Vaganza in 2020, which revitalized his presence in the Malaysian music scene.

Personal Life:
Oja's personal life reflects a resilient spirit. Despite experiencing three marriages, he remains dedicated to creating a loving family environment, having three children. His upbringing in a family steeped in the arts, with notable relatives in the Malaysian music scene, has shaped his outlook on life and art.

Career Highlights:
Oja's multifaceted career includes acting as a child artist, participating in music competitions, and eventually forming the Tunable Band. His journey took a turn when he faced challenges with his previous band, Spoon, leading to the creation of the Tunable Band. Oja's involvement in music extends to the founding of DHDR Entertainment, a production company offering video and graphic design services.

Ongoing Ventures:
In 2020, Oja founded the progressive metal band Humanoid, showcasing his versatility as a musician. Beyond his musical pursuits, Oja continues to explore entrepreneurship, running DHDR Entertainment with a team of five.

Artistic Expression:
A significant milestone in Oja's career is the creation of the song "Aku Tak Sempurna" in 2021, inspired by his experience on Gegar Vaganza Season 7. The song reflects gratitude to his fans and supporters while acknowledging the broader support network of family, friends, and fans. Oja draws inspiration from the works of the late Tan Sri P Ramlee, considering "Aku Tak Sempurna" as his musical masterpiece, resonating with various meanings and inspired by the timeless stories of P Ramlee.

With "Aku Tak Sempurna," Oja aims to express appreciation for those who stand by him in both good and challenging times. He hopes the song will continue to be embraced across various media platforms, further cementing his place in the hearts of listeners. Oja's musical journey is a testament to his resilience, passion, and ongoing commitment to the artistry that has defined his life.