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Sham Kamikaze Signature Model

Sham Kamikaze Signature Model

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  • Body Wood: Mamywoo
  • Top Wood : N/A
  • Pickguard: Red Tortoise
  • Chambering: N/A
  • Covers: N/A
  • Neck Wood: Roasted Rock Maple
  • Fingerboard Wood: Malaysian Blackwood
  • Fret type: Jescar Stainless Steel
  • Fret Radius: 16"
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Turqoise Standard Dots
  • Tuners: Gotoh Magnum Locking
  • Bridge: Gotoh 510 
  • Pickup Configuration: Ray C SK1 (Neck, Middle) & "Maggi Goreng Power" (Bridge)
  • Control Layout: Volume, Tone, Tone & 3-way Selector
  • Neck Profile: 60's C
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The Sham Kamikaze Signature Model

Introducing the Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar: A Personal Take on the Shue New Classic S Series

Embark on a sonic journey with the Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar, a distinctive instrument that reflects Sham's personal touch on the iconic Shue New Classic S series. Meticulously designed and crafted, this signature model combines Sham's unique preferences with premium features, delivering a guitar that stands out both visually and sonically.

Exotic Tonewoods for Unparalleled Tone:
Crafted with a body made from Mamywoo, the Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar offers a tonal palette characterized by warmth and richness. The Roasted Rock Maple neck ensures stability and tonal clarity, while the Malaysian Blackwood fingerboard adds a touch of exotic elegance to the overall design.

Unique Aesthetics with Red Tortoise Pickguard:
Enhancing its visual appeal, this signature guitar features a striking Red Tortoise pickguard, adding a touch of flair and individuality. The absence of covers and chambering provides a solid and resonant foundation for a powerful sonic experience.

Turquoise Standard Dots for Distinctive Inlay:
The fingerboard is adorned with Turquoise Standard Dots inlay, offering a visually stunning and distinctive touch to the instrument. The meticulous placement of inlays complements the guitar's overall aesthetic, making it a true work of art.

Precision Fretwork and Comfortable Neck Profile:
Featuring Jescar Stainless Steel frets with a 16-inch radius, the Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar ensures impeccable intonation and effortless playability across the entire fingerboard. The 60's C neck profile provides a comfortable and familiar feel for players seeking a classic touch.

High-Performance Hardware for Stability:
Equipped with Gotoh Magnum Locking tuners and a Gotoh 510 bridge, this signature guitar ensures superior tuning stability and precise intonation. The hardware not only adds to the guitar's stability but also enhances its modern functionality.

Versatile Pickup Configuration:
The Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar boasts a unique pickup configuration with Ray C SK1 in the neck and middle positions, delivering versatile tones with clarity and warmth. The "Maggi Goreng Power" bridge pickup adds a punchy and dynamic element, perfect for expressive playing.

Effortless Controls for Sonic Exploration:
Featuring a streamlined control layout with volume, tone, and tone controls along with a 3-way selector switch, this guitar offers effortless control over its sonic capabilities. Whether you're seeking smooth jazz tones or gritty rock sounds, the Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar has you covered.

Crafted for Individual Expression:
Whether you're a fan of Sham Kamikaze or an adventurous musician seeking a unique instrument, this signature guitar is crafted to inspire individual expression. Immerse yourself in the world of Sham's sonic preferences and let your creativity flourish with this exceptional instrument.

Make a statement with the Sham Kamikaze Signature Guitar – a personal take on the Shue New Classic S series, designed to ignite your passion for music and push the boundaries of sonic exploration.